GhostBusters Slot Review

The GhostBusters Slot is not your normal run of the mill 5 reel slot and this becomes quickly apparent after you have been playing Ghostbusters for the the first couple of minutes. The slot features all the main characters and protagonists from the 1984 feature film, with Slimer playing a big part of the slot game.

First things first though and it should be stated that GhostBusters is a low to mid variance slot, which basically, means that you will invariably get a lot of game time for your bank roll. However, on the flip side, the chances of a mega win nearing 100 times your bet stake or more are slight.

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What GhostBusters does have though are several random features in addition to two separate bonus rounds. This is where ‘Slimer’ comes into his own. As not only does Slimer feature as the subject of one of the main bonus rounds, but he is also responsible for providing you with random features throughout the game. Like in  Microgaming’s Dark Knight Slot with Batman and the Joker, Slimer can randomly award cash prizes, extra pay line multipliers or turn the reels into slime, thus making them stacked wilds.

The Slimer symbol also acts as the GhostBusters Slot’s Wild Symbol alongside that of a ghostly lady, with both appearing on any of the 5 reels in play. The ghostly lady symbol also spreads out randomly across the board when she appears, thus providing the potential for bigger payouts. GhostBusters was arguably one of the most anticipated IGT Slots to be released in 2012 and players have not been disappointed, as GhostBusters has two bonus round features and an additional 4 random features which occur whilst playing the slot.

Ballroom Busters Bonus

The first of the two main bonus features which can be activated in GhostBusters is the Ballroom Busters Bonus, which is based on when Venkman and team first come across Slimer in the film. This is awarded by hitting two GhostBusters symbols on the second and third reels and hitting the Slimer Bonus Symbol on the fourth reel.

The Ballroom Busters Bonus is basically a pick and choose bonus round, whereby you have to choose to proton blast various objects such as tables and chandeliers in a ballroom. You have five goes and upon choosing the object to blast, either no ghost is revealed or slimer is revealed and captured, thus showing you the payout awarded.

Ballroom Busters Screen Shots

Ballroom Bonus Feature Ballroom Bonus Feature Total Win

StayPuft Free Spins Bonus

The second of the two main features which you can be awarded is the StayPuft Free Spins Bonus Round. This is awarded by hitting the Mr StayPuft Bonus symbol on the fourth reel, alongside the two GhostBusters symbols on the second and third reels.

The StayPuft Bonus Round gives you eight free spins and with each spin of the reels marshmallows drop from above, with some making individual symbols turn into roasting Marshmallows, which become wild symbols.

Of the two bonus rounds, the StayPuft Free Spins Bonus is the more rewarding  and is actually more fun to play than the Ballroom Busters Bonus round. It should be noted though that payouts approaching 100 x are very rare, I certainly have not got anywhere near that amount when playing GhostBusters anyhow.

StayPuft Bonus Screen Shots

Mr Stay Puft All Smiles Mr Stay Puft Angry! Stay Puft Bonus Round in play

GhostBusters Slot Summary

All in all I rate the GhostBusters Slot highly. It is good fun to play with numerous features and sticks close to the plot of the film upon which it is based on. If you haven’t already, you can play GhostBusters for free here, or alternatively you can play GhostBusters for real money at the online casinos I have listed below.

If you are looking for a more highly volatile slot machine to play, with the prospects of hitting wins of in excess of 100x, then I highly recommend the Great Blue Slot. Completely different from GhostBusters but great fun nonetheless. If you happen to hail from the Southern Hemisphere  I can recommend a great pokies site which a friend of mine has put together. Lastly to discuss Ghostbusters with other players I recommend the forum on Streak Gaming which is a very active community of slot players.

Where to play GhostBusters Slot Machine

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